Friday, 22 March 2013

Pic of the Week 22.03.13

Ok, only a half cop out for this week's 'Pic of the Week'. It's late, I have a meeting in the morning and then 3 night shoots in a row. And to top it all off I am coming down with a cold (and I don't know where the hell it has come from, both the kids are well?!?!?!). But I refuse to start missing post's now as that's how it starts.
So get out you violins for me and have a look at this weeks instalment.

Really taken a shine to this portrait that actually started as a stand in light test during a photo shoot last week. The model is (once again) my wife and occasional assistant who seems to be popping up more quiet often these days.
It's a  nice simple portrait captured as I borrowed her for standing in but I just love the colours and the fact that it really captures her character, peeping out from behind her Gameboy. The purple and yellow really help it to 'pop' and draw you in to the eyes.

Right, i'm going to get some sleep and pray from an overnight cure.............

Friday, 15 March 2013

Pic of the Week 15.3.13

Not one from the archives today, something fresh off the boat instead.

As (I very much hope) you all know, the new website is up and running and if you have also been following my Twitter account you will have seen me quietly weeping about having to write an 'about' page.
Now, I'm not the greatest writer out there by far but when I really sit down and go for it, I can eventually end up with something I'm half proud of. Add to the mix a few very helpful friends and family and, well folks, it's almost finished.

Right let's get to the point of the post. An about page (and a website in general) needs a self portrait. A photographers webpage needs a GOOD self portrait. I mean, your a photographer, you take photo's and ask to be paid for it, you should at least be able to take one of your self right. I must say I do get a bit "really?" when I see a bad self portrait/mug, sorry, head shot being used by a photographer. A good simple headshot, fine, but a bad one? Maybe there is a reason behind it, and if they want to explain their theory about it then I am all ears, but for me thats a big no no. So this week has been spent plotting, planning testing and shooting my self portrait.
I don't want to say too much as I think I may do an extended blog post on this very soon. At least I will if I get enough comments, requests, likes, shares or a big bag of money will do actually.
So get clicking! And don't forget the Google +1 button folks.

Here is the image that is actually live on the 'Contact' page now. I have a hand full of versions that I like so maybe I will up them all in the next post for you to pick your favourite. There is also a simple portrait shot that will be going on the 'About' page once the text is finished but for now I'm going to go with the main prize.

Oh, and I better mention my lovely assistant Delphina, for helping out with the shooting again. :) Thank you x
Go and check out her instagram if your on there @phinaface. Ah what the hell, check me out while your at it @12clicksaway.

Aaaaaaaaanyway......... enjoy.

Friday, 8 March 2013

International Woman's Day

Well thats what day it is today, along with everyone's favourite day, Friday.

And so here is a little post for the woman in my life. My wife, friend and mother to our two children.

And also a very handy and beautiful stand in/model/assistant/make up artist in the making.
These are some quick pic's from a few test shoots I was doing that Delphina very helpfully agreed to stand in for. I'm sure like most women, she will turn around and tell me that I have posted the wrong ones and she doesn't like them, but I do, so there. And if your learning anything from this blog, it should be that I like to post photo's that I like the look of. Hey, it's my blog.

So here they are, and if you need a model or fancy helping her out with some make up artist advice or even a bit of assisting just get in touch with us :)

We may fight and argue like most people, but at the end of the day........ I love you x

Happy International Woman's Day.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Pic of the Week 8.3.13

This weeks pic is one for the street photographers out there. 

I saw this on Bishopsgate in London a while back and thought it was a nice contrast in public announcements.

Just a short post this week as I pretty busy planning a few shoots. I do however have another post coming up very soon so stay tuned.

And don't forget to go and check out the new website. I'm adding new galleries and pages as I go along.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Pic of the Week 1.3.13

Its that time again.

I should get a little theme tune, keep you all entertained when you come back each week.

This was shot in Tunbridge Wells, on a family day out actually. It sits nicely within my (what seems to be a growing series) "And so we burn" collection. The first two from the collection are part of the Step Into My Office exhibition and can be seen here.
I took the title, or the inspiration for it from one of my childhood books that I now read to my own children. Its called (the book that is) "Dinosaurs and all that rubbish" and was written by Michael Forman.

Check it out when you get the chance.

As always, click the image to enlarge it.

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Until next week...................