Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The students march on London

With the Tories back in power the country is once again unhappy. Cuts are rife and social unrest is swelling.

My father, a musician and longtime member of The Big Red Band has always been a very active demonstrator and still is. I my self have played alongside him on the demos and marched with him as a child. I feel that the right to demonstrate, march and have your voices heard is not a privilege in a democracy but an actual element of the democratic system its self.
An element that is coming under threat in our rapidly changing, zero tolerance, over policed society.

Power to the people!!!

Here are a few shots from the student demonstration held in London on the 9th of November 2011.

When the people march in London you would be excused for thinking that war had broken out from the level of police activity.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Triple X Tattoo studios

Ok so to get the blog going, here are my  favourite shots from a session at Triple X. 
The session came about as part of a documentary project by London Film School student Alvaro Gago Diaz
The tattoo was designed by me and the ribs were donated by my wife Delphina. The man with the plan (and the tattoo gun ) is Sean. A very nice guy who runs the studio in Hackney. 


So, here we are at the first post of the blog.
Well what to say?
Firstly I don't know the first thing about blogs so I shall start from the basic and hopefully get it looking a bit nicer, sooner rather than later.
Its mainly here to exhibit some of my photographic work. From my favourite beautiful shots from a whole shoot to random images I capture during my daily life and want to share. Also I guess it is here for me to ramble and explain what was in my head when I shot them.
Anyway.......... Enjoy