Sunday, 24 June 2012

Back from the set

Well, I just got back from another London Film School wrap.
It was the stage of 'The Arsonist' which was pretty cool to shoot as we were using a gas fuelled flame bar on thursday.
Anyway there will be a blog post for this film as well as for 'Dinner And A Movie' as soon as I get through with the editing. Have also been sorting out images for an article on 'London's Calling' that hopefully will be coming to fruit.
Look out for all of those coming very soon. until then, here are three little rouges from today.

And now its time for bed

Hey, its me!!!!!!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Sneaky peek at the coolest film yet

Right so to keep my photo fans hungry here are a few bits from the 'Dinner And A Movie' shoot that I did last month. Its just a little tease so you can see how cool it was ;) It was definitely the most fun I'v had on set so far I think. The best part being the location shoot!!!!
It was here

A seriously cool location complete with working electric gates, bomb storage bunkers, watch towers and an empire of crows living in the surrounding trees.

Anyway, check these out and don't worry, there will be a full blog post with more photo's coming once I get all the editing done.



 You can get a Brucy bonus point if you can tell me what film this truck was in. It has a logo on the door and bullet holes in the windscreen but I can for the life of me place it

 Check out that bomb storage bunker!!!!! Seriously scary stuff. A super thick concrete room inside a seriously thick concrete bunker with a seriously thick metal safe door for the inner room and gigantic sliding blast doors into the bunker. Don't mess with what ever they used to keep in there

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Im still here....honest

Sorry for the lack of posts this month but I have been snowed under.

I spent a week with a crew from the London Film School at the end of may. They were shooting their 5th term film 'Dinner And A Movie' and had me back on set to do the production stills. I love working with these folk as they always have great sets, great actors, and this time a super amazing location.
Then it was my 30th birthday so that took me out of action for few days :))
Last weekend was 'London's Calling', and annual courier event that takes place over 3 days. Races, games, partys and fun fun fun for all. I was shooting the whole weekend for a project that is in the pipeline.
Hopefully tonight I will stick a few images up for you guys to see.

But now.......... Its back to work