Saturday, 31 March 2012

Slightly lighter than the DSLR

Ok so you should all know the deal with my camera hand by now (if not then read the last few posts).
Lifting and shooting with the D700 is painful and slow so I have been resorting to the............. iPhone!

Now I love camera phones for the handy, always in your pocketness of them. But I hate them for the fact that the quality is pants if you want to take a half decent picture (and be able to use it later on)
This is why I have come to love the dreaded Hipstamatic. With the right combination you can disguise a bit of the "camera phone" quality and end up with a nice little shot.
I don't claim that it makes all photographs beautiful, but it makes a beautiful photograph achievable with a camera phone. So there :p

And before the ranting starts let me say that I was shooting Holga's way before this thing came out.


Thursday, 29 March 2012


Hey folks. I'm just checking in to let you know that I haven't gone AWOL. Since my limbs are out of action and I'm off work, me and the family are visiting relatives in France.
The collar bone is improving and I can now lift the D700 with out a whole world of pain following. Sadly the right hand is still in a cast including the thumb so operating the jog wheels is a slow and fiddly process. Its all been matrix metering and AV mode for the last week.
Other than that I have been getting my iPhone on. I can hold that no problem, the camera is good quality and with the right formula you can disguise the fact that it is a phone photo even further. Il upload some shots in a while.

Stay tuned folks ;)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

"All you need to know about whales"

If you have been keeping up with the blog you would have seen a shot from the film set of "Whale" a few posts back.
Well as I my camera hand has been out of action since the crash, I have been busy finishing some editing and here are my favourite shots from the project. Most of these are behind the scenes shots and not the actual press/publicity stills. But as I said, these are my pick of favorites.

Oh and I should add:
The room is supposed to be the inside of a whale, accessed via a door at the back of a library (hence all the books). Its a surreal sort of film incase you haven't guessed and the whale is 'created' by the mind of a young lady.

With that terrible and brief description of the film I will let the photographs do the talking.


Thursday, 1 March 2012

Rider down

Hey folks. Sorry about missing my deadline for Shot Of The Week but I have been out of action.
I had a crash on the bike last Thursday and have been nursing a broken collar bone and broken thumb :(((

To top it off the collar bone is on my left and the thumb (that had to have 2 k-wires put in) is on my right.

Yes my right hand

Yes my camera hand

So photo taking activities will be down to a minimum for a while until I heal a bit. I will be doing some editing very soon though so hope to post up some of that.

Until then, watch this space