Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Bye bye 2012 (photo-heavy post)

Firstly HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my friends and readers!!!!

Well then, 2012 has come and gone, and what a year it was.

At the start of the year I was still juggling photography work and cycling round London as a courier. And now, well let's just say I haven't been back on the courier circuit since getting knocked off in February (other than the odd day riding for Control Courier Collective;)

I'v assisted on some cool shoots, 
met David LaChapelle, James Cosmo and Tony Benn,
broken a collar bone and thumb,
had pins in my bones, 
shot stills on the worlds oldest constantly active sound stage,
applied for my first IMDB credit,
started two blogs, 
started a web page,
visited two different beaches (in winter),
got stranded on the motorway,
put together my first exhibition and print sale,
took part in Photomonth 2012 and got featured on the front cover of the program,
and lots of other wonderful and interesting things.

And thats just the work related suff. 


I didn't manage to get this blog updated as frequently as I wanted during the year but to be honest, I felt it has been a lot more important to focus on getting the work on the books first. The blog is however very important to me and I hope you all enjoy the posts that do find their way on to here.

If you haven't already you can follow me over on twitter for more daily postings and photos from my work life, and general day to day humour @12clicksaway and also on Instagram via the same name.

For the new year there will be a new website. 'THE' website.
Possibly not instantly for the new year but I am designing it as we speak and the domain name has been bought. So, fingers crossed it will arrive soon.

So I though I would give you all some nibbles for the festive period in the form of a bumper size post

As you know I have been specialising more and more in the world of unit stills on films. 
I love the job.
I don't love the alarm at 4am but once I'm up it's a great job. 
I have met so many amazing people, visited so many amazing locations and expanded my portfolio with some beautiful images.

I don't always have time to put a blog post together for each film as there is so much editing to do. In an average day I can shoot 500 frames easily, if not more. 
Also I have to wait for permission to post images of the film from the production team.
So here are some of my personal fav's format he last four films I have worked on

Taxidermessen: Directed by Rupert Van Den Broek
The Whore: Directed by Asim Abbasi
Last Night A Kiler Saved My Life: Directed by Gary Grant
Sea Out: Directed by Jake White


Blank slate as filming commences at 'The Last Tuesday Society'

Camera and gaffer team organise the shoot over lunch.

Morning make-up 

'The Last Tuesday Society' is home to many strange residents.

The schedule takes its toll.

Male lead actor, Nick Downes

A glamourous life in the movies.

Dop and Director planning the shot

Dop and steady-cam operator Yiannis Manolopoulos

Director and Dop having a moment.

The stressed 1st AD


Got to have some kind of game to play on set. Pin the tape on the Dop is always a winner.

The Whore

Dop and Director deep in thought.

Main actors

Sound man Filipe Pinheiro.

The Dop and Director always have a 'moment'

Mixing up the props.

Hiding in the rain.

The last location of the day way an amazing hotel in Cadogan Gardens SW1 with the most amazing staircase.

Last Night A Killer Saved My Life

Hiding the present from the past is always an important job.

The garden started as just grass and ended up like this.

Movie life.

The production designer, lost in his own mess.

James Cosmo on the estate with a 360 track.

James Cosmo. It's always nice to shoot really friendly actors.

Sunset on the beach at Camber

Checking the gate.

The Dop setting up for the final shots of the day.

Well everyone, I hope you enjoyed that bumper post. 
There where so many other shots that I wanted to show you but I really can't reveal to much about the films that I work on and also if uploaded everything, I would be here alllllllll night.

So here's to 2013. Make of it what you will and go for what you want. 
Good luck to everyone around me that I see going for it. So many of you in the last year have dropped what you where doing and started the path to something new.

Work hard and you can do anything.............

And don't forget to come and follow me on twitter and instagram @12clicksaway for allot more postings.