Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Day - May 15th

If you didn't hear about the project the visit and find out more.

Basically it was a project to encourage everyone to shoot photos of their day on May 15th and upload them to the web site. Photos from around the world would be collected and displayed on their website as used in upcoming shows etc. It was supposed to be an experiment and show diversity of life around the globe and so on and so on
Anyway I'm always game for a giggle and a bit of fun so here are my shots. Sadly I got stuck indoors for half the day so didn't get too much but every little counts and hey, I always say dont take things so seriourly. Photos can just be photos for the sake of it..............

Friday, 11 May 2012

Published in Cycling Weekly

A few weeks ago I shot the Addison Lee die-in demonstration. I got the photos published on a feb sites that I have already mentioned but now last week Cycling Weekly contacted me about using an image for their May 10th issue.
Well, I never like to talk about that sort of thing until it actually happens as it tend to jinx it for me. But seeing as it has, I can. Here it is, half page print in this weeks Cycling Weekly page 28/29

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

May Day march 2012

So, I think I have told you all before by my father is a member of the Big Red Band.
Well Im sure I have but hey. They are a performing street band and can be seen playing at demonstrations, marches and protests all over the country. They are a band for the people and play for the peoples rights.
A voice for the people you could say.
They have been around for decades and I have played at quite a few of their gigs and so has my brother. We have both been out on the marches from an early age and it is that, that I feel that has given us our how shall we say, out spoken attitudes. I dont know if that is how we shall say it but what I mean is that me and my brother do not like to see the little person, the underdog, the everyday joe getting pushed around and ignored by the powers that be.


Well, today my children got to come on their first demo with their dad and their granddad (my father incase i'm getting confusing, look I take pictures not write ;)
Having worked as a courier for so long in an industry that s**ts on the people doing the actual labour, workers rights and unity of the workers is something I feel very strongly about. So what better way to start my kids marching lives than the May Day march.


These are my favourite shots and ones that I edited slightly different to the press versions.
You can see the full set on my Demotix account which is here vvvvvvvvvvvv

That should be working if Demotix have published the story. I will check up on it to make sure.