Sunday, 26 August 2012

Technical Problems

No, I haven't bene re-deisgning the blog :( 

We have had a problem with the Blogger template and so far we cant locate the backup file. This one has been uploaded very quickly just to keep the blog active but you may notice that the follow button do not work properly etc.

We shall have it back to normal as soon as possible. If anyone happens to know the name of the previous template that would be a great help incase we have to start from scratch. 

Thanks for you patience 

In the meantime, if you want to find my twitter it is @12clicksaway

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Photo Nibbles

So you have obviously noticed that the blog has been a bit quiet here?

Hopefully you have also noticed that I have been busy working on my photo exhibition "Step Into My Office"?

But also I have been keeping busy with shoots here and there so all in all I haven't had much time to sit down and out a blog post together. Im not a huge fan of just sticking up any old thing just for the sake of it.

Well here is a little post of some recent bits of work for you.

Firstly we have a little taste of the unit stills I shot for the film 'Greater Things'

Michael Johnson and Marius Zaromskis talk to the director about the next scene

It was good fun to work on this film. We were shooting in a studio in Greenford and had a full size boxing ring set up inside plus stadium seating for a crowd of extras. Add to the mix a whole load of smoke, moody lighting and two amazing MMA fighters and you have the recipe for some really nice shots.

More of that to come once the client clears the work.

On a less dramatic note I was shooting a Zumba class on Monday for promotional material.
The class was in St.Johns of Hackney. A church that I have sat out side on many occasions but had never set foot inside. Its huge and amazing with a gigantic pipe organ stretching up into the domed ceiling.

Before the class started I had a quick nose around and shot these.

Until next time folks.

And don't forget to check out the exhibition at one of its up coming venues.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Hey folks. I haven't been blogging here for a little while.

And HERE is why

Dont worry, I haven't abandoned you for another blog. It is specifically for the exhibition of my work that I have been busy putting together.
You can read all about it over on the blog so I wont fill you time with it here but it's definitely worth a look so go and check out the date and venues.
Its all my own work and completely organised my self. It is also a print sale do if you like something and fancy having a limited print hanging on your wall then you can do so.

Also my wife has wrecked her knee and is currently sporting a Robocop looking leg brace and crutches . So, I have also been busy looking after her and the kids. A very busy man I am indeed.

I did a few days shooting on a feature film last week that involved MMA fighters and a stadium. I was preeeeeeety cool so expect a post about that very soon.

Until next time.........