Thursday, 12 July 2012

Have you been to Foto8?

Well, have you?

Its that time of year and the Foto8 Summer show is on.
If you get some spare time or happen to find your self in the Old Street area then swing by the Foto8 gallery in Honduras St EC1. There are 159 frames entries hanging there for you to see and there are some very nice one's indeed. If you follow my twitter you will have had a little peak already.
Head over to their web page for a preview and also have a look at the slide show from the opening night street festival. Shot by yours truly ;)

Foto8 Summer Show street party

As always, here are a few that I like

Monday, 2 July 2012

The Arsonist

Well, I'v just finished editing the stills from 'The Arsonist'

Sorry to the 'Dinner And A Movie' crew, you will be next. I only did two days on set with this one so it was allot quicker to get it all finished. It was all on set and shot in two different rooms. We have the boiler room complete with dodgy electricity switch board and beautiful green walls and also we have the living room of a council flat.
Very cool sets I must say and I have learnt to expect nothing less from the LFS students. We even had two goldfish staring in the movie (they were not harmed blah blah blah disclaimer ;)

The boiler room scene was technically the title scene as it involved a bit of sabotage and arson. That was pretty fun to watch as we had a flame bar on set. A gas fed bar wrapped in cloth that could be lit and then adjusted to give a wall of fire. I wasn't able to get many shots though due to it only being lit during the takes (health and safety and all that) Still, it was a good fireball when they first lit it that made pretty much everyone on set jump.

Anyway, here is my pick of the bunch. The final edit was about 200 images.


               I love these near pitch black shots. I think I'm going to put together a set of them