Saturday, 28 January 2012

Something (extra) for the weekend

Seeing as the blog has been a bit quiet I thought i would add a few shots that had been uploaded on Facebook etc so that you have it all here in one place.

So check these out

Firstly the hawk shots. I took these really soon after buying my D700. I have it in the bag with me everyday and that day was a perfect reason why. This beauty was loitering outside a loading bay down the back of some bins, casually having lunch. It was not at all fussed by anyone of who were watching it. It has no tags on its legs and seem like a wild hawk. In the middle of the westend..... go figure.

(these shots totally sold me on my D700 and they are the reason I love it so. They are shot at 9000iso on a 135mm lens. The lack of noise is pure beauty)

Another example of why I always carry the camera, even if some days it kills my shoulder completely. The rain storm was in the east and the sun was shining bright as it started to dip in the west. I havnt burnt out the lower buildings. They were left in the dark due to the low sun and the white tower just stood out amongst them. Not sure how much gold was in there though.

In The Shadow Of A Giant :
 I Found this funny little ice cream van lurking on a dirty corner of New Oxford St. Something about its stubby, stunted size and dimensions caught my eye and Centre Point towering over it seems to shrink it even further.

Now this is nothing personal against the inhabitants of Wapping but 
1. I hate it because getting delivers there sucks. Its way off the circuit and a pain to get to. Guaranteed time waster.
2. It just dose not look very appealing to me as somewhere to live, a forgotten lump on the bottom of the East-end (sorry)
So when I saw this bench it made me giggle. A visual description of my view I guess
Sorry if I'v just lost a bunch of readers from Wapping ;)

The local bike polo players have adopted the football pitch in out local park on the weekends. One weekend however the mist was seriously think and hung around way into the afternoon. I took the kids out to have some fun and found this lone solider. As they used to say on Record Breakers, Dedications what you need.

Shot Of The Week

Ok, so. As I have already said Im still getting used to this bloggy thing and what exactly Im doing with it.
I have decided to add the 'Shot Of The Week' to my posts in an attempt to bring you a regular little something to look at.

If Im not doing photography work during the week then Im out on the road delivering peoples packages to pay the rent. My number one rule while doing this job is always carry a camera.

So lets get it started then.
Shot Of The Week is...............................

                                                     Body Dump (Camden) 

Sunday, 22 January 2012

.........News just in..........

If the blog goes a bit weird while your here, do not fear. Im still tinkering with layouts and improvements at the moment but hopefully it should not bother you at all.

Also while your here feel free to leave any comments. Constructive criticism is always welcome here ;)

Once I get a better idea of what I want to share with you all the posts should become a bit more regular. Untill then just check back, sign up for email updates or watch the Facebook (or follow on Twitter very soon once I figure what account to use)

I should be scanning in alot of my older b&w film work soon, 35mm and 120 so look out for that.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

And the heavens opened

A shot from the fifth floor in Shorditch today. Beautiful sky's and my favourite towers in the distance

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Christmas was brought to you by..........


"Sledgehammer, the only way to pay this Christmas"
Shoppers on Oxford Street went to new lengths this Christmas to make sure they got their hand on that special gift.


Graffiti writers reaching for the stars in Lille.


As far as the children are concerned if it has a hook, hang it on the tree....


It's those little things that make us different.
(A shot for a future project that I have been mulling over for some time now)



"The TV, rotting minds since the 1920's"

Well there you go. That was December 2011 and this is January 2012 so
and good night.