Saturday, 2 November 2013

A New Chapter

This week, our family made a final trip up to York.

I have been going there ever since I was a child as that is where our mum is from and where our grandparents lived. Well as life goes, sadly, Grandpa passed away two years ago and a few weeks ago Grandma also passed away. It was expected and peaceful which is a positive note but none the less a sad time for everyone. After Grandpa died, she often spoke about how she was ready to go and that she had lived an amazing and fun filled life (she was 94). She had seen the second world war come and go, working as a fire woman through it. She was reunited with Grandpa after he spent the war as a POW in Poland and spent the rest of her life with him. She saw her grandchildren grow up as well as watching both of her great grandchildren start out their little lives in this world. Unlike many people in this world today, she was content with what she had.

She had seen it all, seen enough and was very tired as she liked to put it.

Well one thing her and Grandpa loved to do was go on car journeys, and one thing Grandpa loved to do was take photos. But now they are not here and our little family has their car parked outside so I felt it a fitting tribute to take it on it's first road trip with it's new generation. Grandma and Grandpa would take my mum and her sister to all sorts of places in the car with it packed up to eyeballs. In comparison this was nothing, but for me it was what it was. The start of our children's many adventures on the road, a torch passed down from their great grandparents for our family to now hold.

I can just see Grandma and Grandpa and the smiles on their faces as the children hurled stones into the sea today.

Ellis and Joan Jackson - May you spend the rest of eternity happily together x x x